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The Mauritius Golf Masters at Anahita


03 - 05-Dec-2015

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Anahita Golf Masters - Mauritius

Anahita, Monday 30 November 2015

Long journey but safely arrived in beautiful Anahita for their Golf Masters, a great preparation before the European Tour comes here in May.

Emotional message from Emile Vanstiphout, Jos'brother, who 'll send me Jos'book who will be in libraries in 2016.

Emirates Australian Open

Sydney, Sunday 29 November 2015

Well, I really need to hit more greens to score in those circumstances, 18th is always good in this period of time,

But how difficult is it to leave Australia? It's always to short and I know I will spend once day more time here... Love the people and the country...

Now flying to Anahita in Mauritius, the paradise for golfers where the Resort organizes a big tournament. Not as big as the European Tour who will stop there for an official tournament counting for the Race to Dubai! Woaw!

Sydney, Saturday 28 November 2015

This 3rd day is a first round reminder with too many birdies chances and too many greens missed...

All my thoughts to the Belgian tennis world. Come on Belgium in the Davis Cup final, the double will be key...

And I want to salute the memory of Philippe Washer, wonderful talented sportsman, tennis and golf and close to the Leopold Club in Brussels. Washer - Brichant, a legendary tennis double pair that can inspire our national pair against the Murray brothers today. Come on Belgium!

Sydney, Friday 27 November 2015

After a frustrating first round with too many green missed and a cold putter, I'm quite pleased with today's round playing with Adam Scott. High quality long game with the difficult side winds, it isn't easy but I could find some mojo on the scoring side with 6 birdies today... Happy to see the Belgian flag high up again!

I must admit that it's quite enjoyable to play in Australia, thank you Trevor Herden for this invite and congrats for the quality of your Open...

This afternoon chilling out in Sydney with some Australian friends...

Sydney, Tuesday 24 November 2015

Another beautiful city in the world, Sydney is one of a kind, great atmosphere and quality of life. This is my first contact with The Australian Golf Club. Quite an historical course but redesigned by Jack Nicklaus in 1977... Superb maintained modern course with small undulated greens, strong wind, by the way, it will be tough to go low with that wind... Brian told me that's really a second shot course because of the small greens surrounded by dangerous run offs, even is the course is playing quite long. If the wind continues to blow, they might put some tees forward...

Tee time on Thursday 12.10 with Adam Scott and John Senden, who can dream of a better 3 ball? I couldn't ... and Brian couldn't also, he worked for John for 2 years on the European Tour ... Aussie gang... ;o)

Last time I played with Adam, it was the 3rd day at the Doral, and he won the Masters 4 weeks later!

The other good news is that it's summer here, quite happy to always have my Recuperat-ion drinks, great minerals for an optimal recuperation and clear-sightedness thanks Dr Serge Balon-Perin...

Uniqlo Australian Masters - Huntingdale Golf Club

Melbourne, Friday 20 November 2015

Well, this was a rusty start... Tournament golf is quite different than training golf, surely if you change continent and season... And this is a top tournament on a great course...

So nice to see old friends like Brett Rumford and John Senden, only to name two of them...

Time for practice now to upgrade my competitiveness,

New week, we're flying to Sydney for the next tournament.

Brian took me to Kingston heath in the afternoon, another legend course, where my game is already upgrading... Round after round we go...

Melbourne, Tuesday 17 November 2015


What a pleasure to be back in Australia, my second Homeland! So keen and eager to play The Uniqlo masters on gem of a golfcourse. There is here a resemblance with Royal Melbourne, one of my favorite golf course, and I know that I will face a strong test of golf!

I want to thank David Rollo for this opportunity to play the Uniqlo masters on the famous Huntingdale golf course, and I'm also very glad to meet the crowd there...

In fact, in my mind I'm starting the 2016 season after a break of a month where I did a lot of Crossfit and Training with the Vanmeerbeek gang ;o)... Looking forward to see how's my golf game because I'm quite enthusiastic... As enthusiastic as my caddie Brian Nilsson who's so happy to work on his home soil and seeing all his mates on the Australian Tour!

Well in Europe and in particular France and Belgium, they are living tough times, all my thoughts are with the bereaved families...

Ready for the Australian swing

Brussels, Monday 9 November

After the Australian Masters, I received an invitation from the Australian Open. So happy to have the opportunity to play there this year. Australia means a lot to me and those two tournaments are ideal for me to continue my progression work to my best level. My scoring average on the 8 last tournaments was 70,18, which is already great, and I'm chasing better 4th rounds now to make top 10's or better. I began with Mich Vanmeerbeek and Jérôme Theunis a precise tuning work 2 weeks ago and Australia will be a good destination to put these improvements in my game under the gun. It will take some time but my coaches smartly enough have spread the tunings in three parts: now, in Florida in December and in Dubai in Januari! In total 6 weeks of training.

After Australia, I will fly to Anahita for their tournament before another important rendez-vous, The Thailand Golf Challenge where I asked Mich to coach me for the tournament.

Uniqlo Australia Open 2015

Aberdeen Photo Shooting for Dunning

Aberdeen, Wednesday 4 November 2015

A lot to do in those 3 weeks between my last tournament and the next one in Australia (19-22 Nov). Crossfit every day with Richard Vanmeerbeek at the Power Factory, training with Mich and Jérôme, new passports, a meeting with Rolex and the new CEO in Belgium, a visit to the dentist and my Doc Serge Balon Perin, a shooting in Aberdeen for my equipment partner (clothes) DUNNING...

Program for next week is also tight, everything must be done before my departure on the 14th Nov for Melbourne, nice date by the way ;o)

My schedule is done till the Olympic games, we won't do the same mistakes as in 2015 in the beginning of the year where March and April killed my momentum ... and finally my season even if the 70,18 scoring in the last 8 tournaments was a good finish. We are now working for a better scoring on the Sunday's and 2016 should be promising.

Great news from my fellow players the 2 Thomasses. Detry and his Illinois team won at East Cup lake and receive a lot of coverage at the Golf Channel, Pieters will do well in China, HSBC and surely the BMW masters, these courses are perfectly fitting his game, so is the final in Dubai...

Portugal Masters - Oceanico Vilamoura - Algarve

Vilamoura, Sunday 18 October 2015

Never found the speed on the greens, from the first hole. The numerous birdie chances missed on the front nine was very frustrating and on 11, the 3 putts was a killer, so was the bogey on 16...

Without birdies I couldn't achieve my goal: finishing in the top 3 that would have gave me access to Turkye for the first stage of the final series. So, no final series in 2015. Next tournament on the European Tour: the South African Open in January 2016!

Till that: rest, training, tournaments in Asia and Mauritius...

Thank you for your support during this difficult year!

Vilamoura, Saturday 17 October 2015

Tough conditions but solid game, could have seized opportunities on 2 or 3 birdies attempts, surely on 13 and 14 and the bogey on 16 was clearly one that could be avoided... It was my first hole...

Tomorrow, same schedule, Breakfast at 6.00, shotgun at 8.00... Hoping the weather gets not to nasty, like last year... Playing with Thomas Pieters, Bombers together trying to go as low as possible...

Vilamoura, Friday 16 October 2015

16 good holes and 2 holes with 3 balls in water... Painful...

Shotgun start at 8.00 AM (for everybody), an heavy storm is on his way from Madeira and will hit the Algarve around 13.00, I hope they are wright and that we will be safe for then...

Thomas Pieters is in a driving seat perfectly placed after 2 rounds, who knows, he can win his 3rd event in 5 tournaments!

Finger crossed for a low round tomorrow, a good one will bring me to Turkye... Let's aim for that opportunity..

Vilamoura, Thursday 15 October 2015

Always good to make clear that Belgians are not only good in Football, tennis, or Hockey...

Good round even if 2 or 3 drives were off line on the back nine. 4 putts more could have fall in, certainly on the 2 last holes... But it's a good start on a course that suits my eyes even if the rough is quite punishing!

Thomas Pieters is there also. Good to be together against so many players. Tomorrow is another day and like they like to say on television: "it's never easy to follow a great score with another good one!"...

The Road is so long till Sunday night and the weather forecast looks so bad for the week-end, that patience will be needed. We had already some fog delay this morning... Tomorrow 12.40 from the first tee.

Vilamoura, Wednesday 14 October 2015

Pro-Am day with a wonderful sunshine and an exceptional blue sky as the Algarve coast can produce! But bad weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday. I hope we can avoid last year scenario... It's so nice just now...

Vilamoura, Tuesday 13 October 2015

Fine tuning today on the range and on the putting green. Some driving session on the range, spend also some time with Alex Levy discussing about drivers and driving...

Great night with Thomas Pieters, Vincent and Pedro Oriol, the Spanish player from Madrid. We had the chance to follow the match. The 3-1 was nice to follow on television... One message to Wesley Sonck: "Next time Thomas and myself are in Belgium for a match of our National Team, we are counting on you for some cool tickets. Don't worry Wesley, we'll do the same for you for golf".

British Masters Woburn

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Just paying the price of playing too many tournaments, i clearly ran out of steam, legs too tired and it becomes then very difficult to keep my swing in rhythm. And then it's open doors to offline shots on the tees... It's sad, but it's sport!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Marquess is a tough test in wet conditions. So difficult to judge the spin on the greens... I needed to chip and putt from outside the green quite a lot. Some were fringe work other from a little further.

Overall good to finish the day with a bogey free round. No as much birdies I would hope so but it's a patient walk till Sunday night... My first holes were scrappy, not enough fairways and not enough greens, had to play my best to avoid to give a shot to the course there...

Two Belgians are on top of the distance today, Thomas 311 yards and myself 304,5, the Callaway Belgian Bombers have done it again... Unfortunately, we don't have the opportunity to play many drives. Too many trees and doglegs are preventing to choose tight lines... We have both high trajectories, that's the key to make huge differences from the tee.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

When they set up a big tournament in England, it's always pinpoint organized! Congrats... And on a pro-am day, it's already full of spectators (in France they are closed Wednesday, Kids cannot enter, I can't understand that).

The Marquess course course is a wonderful designed course on a perfect piece of undulated woodland. Even if it rained heavily till this morning, the course and the greens are in perfect shape. I found it very difficult to find the lines on those undulated greens, tough to read!

I took my old wedges for this tournament because I don't want to use new grooves to avoid the huge backspin caused by the wetness of the greens (but still they are fast!). My new wedges will wait for firmer surfaces...

I had great fun to play the pro-am today, with a good team, even if I could have made more birdies, but I was still in learning process on those treacherous greens...

Yesterday with a few fellow players, we went to visit the Red Bull Formula 1 center, 5 minutes from Woburn. It is so amazing. it's so big, so secret, so professional, so technological, so many engineers, ... They are manufacturing on site all their thousands pieces to build their cars, imagine how big it is... Really impressive...


Nicolas Colsaerts is a Belgian golf professional and regular member of the European Tour.



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